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    1. Where can I get a MAF Inspection (Biosecurity inspection) and NZTA border inspection completed for a vehicle being exported to New Zealand?

    Inspections are requierd to be completed within bonded facilities, and that are approved by the NZ Government. JEVIC has approved facilities are located in:

    • Yokohama (Daikoku Futo)
    • Nagoya (Kinjyo Futo)
    • Osaka (Sukematsu Futo)
    1. Should I get the MAF and border inspection completed prior to expoting the vehicle?

    Yes, this greatly reduces the delays and costs on arrival in New Zealand when the vehicle has already passed its MAF and Border inspections.

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    1. Is it possible to have a RWI inspection on arrival in Africa?

    The JEVIC RWI cannot be completed on arrival in Uganda, or Zambia. Shipping a vehicle without the JEVIC RWI from Japan, UK, Singapore, Dubai and South Africa will incur a 15% Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) penalty, plus local government inspection costs. It is strongly advised to arrange the inspection prior to export.

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    1. Should vehicles exported to New Zealand have an odometer verification?

    A vehicle with a tampered odometer is prohibited entering New Zealand. New Zealand Customs inspect vehicles for tampered odometeres as the vehicle enters New Zealand and seize such vehicles. We strongly recommend having odometer vehirication completed prior to export.

    1. Do vehicles exported to Malta require odometer verification prior to export?

    All used vehicles of categories M1 (private) and N1 (commercial g.v.w. ≤3500kg) exported from japan and Singapore to Malta require JEVIC odometer verification.