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JEVIC: Competent and experienced in pre-shipment inspections

Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co Ltd (JEVIC) is a Japanese-registered company highly respected for its work in pre-shipment inspection and certification of cargo.  Our services are primarily for used-vehicle inspection and extend to vessels, containers and new vehicles. 

ISO/IEC 17020:1998 accredited and with deep knowledge of all aspects of motor vehicle inspection in Japan and internationally, JEVIC provides independent pre-shipment inspections, surveys, verifications and certifications.  Specifically our services include:

As many of our services being carried out on vehicles, vessels and containers are destined for export from Japan, we have first-class facilities strategically located at major Japanese ports – in Yokohama, Kawasaki, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe – and our Head Office is in Yokohama City. 

With more than 30 other facilities for inspection purposes JEVIC carries out inspections in countries such as Dubai and South Africa where vehicles are shipped from Japan and subsequently exported to other countries such as African nations. 

Subsidiaries and strategic partners are throughout the world in Dubai, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Kenya.

Our clients range from shipping agents, freight forwarders and vehicle importers / exporters to individuals and countries that require mandatory inspection and certification.  They return to JEVIC time and time again because they have confidence in the extensive benefits we provide.