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Latest News

Latest News

  • Takata Alpha Airbag Recall Search

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  • Used Vehicle Pre-export Inspection - Mauritius

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  • Compulsory Takata Alpha Airbag recall by New Zealand Government

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  • Heat Treatment Approval announcement

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  • BMSB Awareness Posters

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  • BMSB Mitigation

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    The Republic of Fiji Offshore Vehicle Inspection_ AGE LIMIT

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  • JEVIC New Year's Holidays Announcement

    Please be advised that New Year's holidays of JEVIC JAPAN offices will be scheduled as below....Read more

  • The Republic of Fiji Offshore Vehicle Inspection_ AGE LIMIT

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    Please be advised that JEVIC Japan Offices will be closed on the following days of the summer holiday period... ...Read more


    To inform and remind that the pre-shipment roadworthiness inspection of used motor vehicles is required for all imported used vehicles... ...Read more

  • ZABS RWI Announcement - Addition of Odometer Inspection Criteria

    From the 1st of June 2017, the Zambia Bureau of Standards has announced that odometer reading verification is a mandatory requirement... ...Read more

  • General Announcement 2017_01 Re: Change of Email Domain Name

    JEVIC would like to advise a change to our email address domain name, from February 1st 2017, as follows ...Read more

  • Fiji Pre-Export Vehicle Appraisal - Age regulations

    As a reminder, it is recommended that inspections for the following vehicles are completed by the 1st of December 2016... ...Read more

  • Fiji Pre-Export Vehicle Appraisal

    JEVIC provides a timely reminder to Exporters regarding the Fiji Land Transport Authority (LTA) vehicle age limit regulations ...Read more

  • Fiji Pre-Export Vehicle Appraisal

    The Fiji Land Transport Authority (LTA) has advised that from August 15th, 2016, all used vehicle destined for Fiji will require a JEVIC Pre-Export Appraisal Report ...Read more

  • The Republic of Fiji Offshore Vehicle Inspection

    We are pleased to announce the Fiji Land Transport Authority (Fiji LTA) has appointed JEVIC for the inspection conduct of used vehicles from Japan for use in the Republic of Fiji. ...Read more

  • Japanese Public Holidays - Golden Week

    Please be advised that the JEVIC offices in Japan will be closed during the following “Golden Week” public holidays...

    Friday, April 29 (Showa Day)
    Tuesday, May 3 (Constitutional Memorial Day)
    Wednesday, May 4 (Green Day)
    Thursday, May 5 (Children's Day)

  • New Office Location for Osaka Area Operations and Training

    Opening Friday, April 1st, the office will also serve as a corporate training office. ...Read more

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    Used vehicle imports to New Zealand will require an ESC from the 1st of March 2016 ...Read more