General Information on Exporting

General Information on Exporting

The general exporting flow is as below;

An Importer will purchase used vehicles that meet their needs from Exporters in Japan. The Exporters mainly purchase vehicles from the many automobile auction houses

Vehicles are transported to the bonded storage yard of a freight forwarder.

The export certificate and related documents are submitted to the freight forwarder.

The shipping vessel and date are booked.

The freight forwarder arranges the customs clearance.

If the importing country requires a regulatory pre-shipment inspection, this will then be completed by the designated inspection organization.

The vehicle is shipped

Discharge of vehicles completed, the vehicle will be delivered to the Importer after customs clearance.

Note 1: Exporting vehicles must undergo a deregistration process in Japan.

Note 2: Export regulations must be observed for the various trading partners with Japan. 

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