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JEVIC Safe Roads

JEVIC Safe Roads

Road safety is a worldwide concern with road injuries constituting a major public health and development crisis, with traffic injuries killing over one million people annually.

Much of our work at JEVIC is about making certain that vehicles are safe for use. To complement this, we have launched the JEVIC Safe Roads Campaign. This involves JEVIC personnel applying Safe Road stickers to car window screens of inspected vehicles destined for Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. The stickers display messages, such as Speed Kills, to increase awareness of key road-safety messages and to keep the messages at the forefront of drivers’ minds.

The campaign has the support of the Kenya Bureau of Standards, Uganda National Bureau of Standards and the Zambia Bureau of Standards, and can readily be implemented for other countries. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or additional information you may require.  

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