Odometer - New Zealand

Odometer - New Zealand

The New Zealand Automobile Association has entered into a Joint Venture with JEVIC to protect consumers against odometer fraud and fully endorses the JEVIC Odometer Inspection process.

To further guarantee the highest standard of technical ability and quality assurance is maintained, JEVIC have achieved ISO/IEC 17020:2012 accreditation recognized internationally, specifically for Odometer Inspections.

The New Zealand Automobile Association fully endorses the JEVIC odometer inspection process to protect consumers against odometer fraud.

Odometer Verifications are carried out by approved JEVIC Inspectors using best-practice methodology. Passed vehicles are provided a secure a sticker on the front windscreens as confirmation of an authentic odometer reading, and an E-certificate which you can viewes at any time on-line. 

JEVIC provides FREE "Take One" brochures to dealers and traders wishing to provide clients wth information about the E-Certificates including access information. To view the JEVIC Odometer "Take One" brochure, please click here.  Dealers wishing to order a supply of Take One brochure stock for their customers please email JEVIC NZ at the below email with the following information:


2.Physical postal address

3.Number of packets required (100 pcs/packet)

Email to: odometer@jevic.co.nz

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or additional information you may require.