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Fiji Offshore Vehicle Inspection

Fiji Land Transport Authority (Fiji LTA) has appointed JEVIC for the inspection conduct of used vehicles exported from Japan to Fiji and Verification of used vehicles to exported from Japan, New Zealand, and Australia for use on the roads of Fiji.

Commencement Date in JP, NZ, AUS: 1st October 2019

The inspection will appraise the motor vehicle’s condition, including structural, age, odometer, stolen vehicle, battery and biosecurity aspects.

All units will be required to be brought into certified facilities for inspection.

The inspection is mandatory, and vehicles arriving from the countries of inspection without certification will not be eligible for registration.

Please note that this Certification is in addition to all other requirements for vehicle registration and does not guarantee a vehicle’s import approval into Fiji.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.


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    1. What is the point of the inspection?

    2. What is JEVIC and what is the work they do?

    3. What services does JEVIC provide for vehicle importers from Fiji?

    4. How will I benefit from JEVIC offshore inspections?

    5. How can I know whether the vehicle I want to buy has been inspected by JEVIC?

    6. How is this service beneficial to Authorised Motor Vehicle Dealerships around Fiji?

    7. In what countries and locations is this service available?

    8. What is the reason for an increase in the offshore vehicle inspection fee from previous years?

    9. Who do I contact for offshore inspection?

    10. What should I do if I require any further information on the process?